BelobogBelobog - Crnobog


Belobog is a deity whose historical existence was, and still is, a subject of numerous debates. Belobog is god of the waxing year, one of the solar god Dazbog's companions, personifying sunshine, warmth and life in general. Peasants believed that Belobog secretly keeps an eye on their wheat and if they praised him, he even helped them in farming, especially in harvest-time.

They imagined him as a long-bearded old man, carrying a staff and dressed in white robes, which was the traditional Slavic costume. As such, he would appear only during the daylight, doing good deeds as he went and bringing people success and happiness. Belobog helped many peasants to finish hard work in the field and he showed many strayed travellers the way out of a thick forest.

Belobog, which, translated into English, means White god, was said to fight his evil brother Chernobog ("Black God") twice a year for control of that year, with Belobog gaining control of the waxing half of the year and Chernobog control of the waning half. After the winter equinox day becomes longer — Belobog wins, and after the summer equinox it shortens — Chernobog wins. Each equinox has a celebration associated with it: the winter equinox is celebrated on Koliada’s Day (January 6) , and the summer on Kupala’s Day (July 6).