In Slavic mythology Rod is the first god progenitor of deities, creator of the Universe and its manager. He is the supreme universal principle, which established the divine law Pravda (Prav). He is a protector of blood-ties and clan relations, a patron of kinship and clan unions.

At the beginning of Time, at the very beginning of the Cosmos, only Rod existed and there was nothing around him. He later created the Universe and the three worlds Jav, Prav and Nav, and arranged everything inside them. Rod also introduced the superior principle of balance between elements and enforced the highest law "Pravda", which every creature and power (physical or metaphysical, material or energy) must obey.

Rod is a protector of fruits, birth, and family. In some Slavic languages, all of the following nouns have a common root – ROD (urod [fruits], rodjenje [birth], porodica [family]). The following words also contain ROD in their roots: rodjak [cousin], rodbina [relatives], porod [offspring], priroda [nature], narod [people]. This shows how much the Slavs respected Rod and to which extent they saw the foundation of everything in him.