SvetovidSvetovid God of War


Svetovid is the Slavic god of war, fertility and abundance. He is four-headed war god. Svetovid's four heads stand for the four sides of the world that this all-seeing god is looking at. His attributes are a sword, a bridle, a saddle, and a white horse. Svantevit possessed several major temples, each with a guard of more than a hundred men.

He always carries his sword (sometimes bow) in one hand, and in the other a drinking horn. Svetovid had a white horse which was kept in his temple and taken care of by priests. The horse was used for divination. Victory in battle, merchant travels and a successful harvest all depended on Svetovid.

The temple was also the seat of an oracle in which the chief priest predicted the future of his tribe by observing the behaviour of a white horse identified with Svantevit and casting dice . The temple also contained the treasury of the tribe and was defended by a group of 300 mounted warriors which formed the core of the tribal armed forces.

Four Headed God Svetovid

Four Headed God Svetovid