DazbogDazbog Sun God


Dazbog, The first part of the name is “daj” – a form of the verb to give, while the second part “bog” means god. The Giving God, was a god of the Sun and he was one of Svarog’s sons. Dazbog stands for the Sun disc. Each morning he emerged from the arms of The Zorya (Dusk) to ride his chariot drawn by three horses: one is gold, one is silver, and one is diamond. He would travel across the heavens each day through his twelve kingdoms.

During the day, the Sun was in the sky giving out light, while at night it was in the underworld. Actually, every morning Dazbog would set out on the journey across the sky riding a white horse or riding in a carriage, and in the evening he died or went to the world of the dead, only to come to life again next morning.

The slavs imagined Dazbog as a old man, dressed in animal skins, usually bear skin, accompanied by a wolf. The wolf actually stands for his animal incarnation, or his primary shape that did not cease to exist after Dazbog turned anthropomorphic. The wolf became a servant, and often a messenger as well. Although his basic form was anthropomorphic, Dazbog frequently changed his shape, and his earliest wolf form remained his symbol.