CrnoBog - Black GodCrnoBog - Black God


Crnobog, or Чернобог as his very name shows, is Slavic black god – god of darkness and winter deity. Slavs believed that cold, famine, poverty, illness originated from this god.

The holiday of Korochun was devoted to him at the winter solstice longest night of the year 21st to 22nd December. Cernobog was respected as all the other gods. He was considered equal to other gods of the pantheon.

In some South Slavic vernaculars, there exists the phrase "do zla boga" meaning to the evil god used as an attribute to express something which is exceedingly negative.

Slavic believed that world was created by Crnobog and Belobog who, through joint effort, brought their creation to perfection. Although during the process of world creation the gods came into conflict, precisely those actions they performed against each other caused the universe to look as it does. Cernobog ruling dark half of the year, opposed by Belobog – the ruler of the sunny half.

Chernobog has made appearances in various media like in the "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence in Disney's Fantasia (1940)