Slavic sun and fire god, originally the supreme god-creator of the Slavic pantheon and and the central part of the pagan trinity known as Triglav.

He is the divine smith, and patron of the fire of the hearth and of blacksmiths. The root svar means bright, clear. Sanskrit word ‘Svarga’ meaning the sky or heaven. In Indo-Aryan word ‘svar’ meaning the sun.

Svarog was believed to have forged the Sun and have given it to his son Dazhbog to carry it across the sky.

From the Book of Veles Plank 11/A - 'We praise Svarog, grandfather of gods who is to whole gods' kin forefather and creator of everything living, eternal spring that flows in the summer and everywhere and in winter and never it freezes...' it is a great secret how can Svarog be at the same time both Perun and Svetovid. Two beings in skies Belobog and Crnobog are both of them Svarog holds and commands them.